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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet in "Oak Leaf" Pattern

Origin: America, Pennsylvania, Sugarloaf
Side 1 (shirttail hem at top turned under): Rhand side: 87 1/2" excluding irreg. fringe and 91 1/2" including fringe. Bottom: 81 7/ 8" excluding fringe and 89" including fringe.
Red, dark blue, and olive green wools with white cotton
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1991.609.3
This is a single-woven seamless coverlet of red, dark blue, and olive green wools with white cotton with applied fringe at sides and bottom. The interior design consists of a repeated spray of four oak leaves with the words "OAK LEAF" radiating from the centers. Small flower designs fill spaces between. The side and bottom borders are the same: a twining grapevine over a small repeat of snowflakes and leaves. Woven into each of the lower corner blocks is "MADE.BY./JOSEPH TURNBAUCH/SUGARLOAF/LUZERNE CO/FOR/[BLANK]/PENN.1851."
Label:Nineteenth-century coverlet designs incorporating the name of the pattern were not commonplace, but a fair number of examples, in addition to tihs one, have been noted. The primary field motif seems closely related to a variety of stylized quatrefoil"oak leaf" designs used in applique qultiing at about the same period.

Provenance:History prior to AARFAM's donor is unknown.
Mark(s):Woven into each of the lower corner blocks: "MADE.BY./JOSEPH/TURNBAUCH/SUGARLOAF/LUZERN CO/FOR/[BLANK SPACE]/PENN.1851".
N.B. This weaver's last name is reputedly spelled "Turnbaugh" in census records, but it repeatedly appears on his coverlets as "Turnbauch".
Inscription(s):The words "OAK/LEAF" are repeatedly woven throughout the field of the coverlet.