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Needlework Picture, Jesus and Samaritan Woman at the Well

Origin: Great Britain, England
Framed: OW: 17" x OH: 14"
Silk and wool embroidery threads on a linen ground; wooden frame and glass
Bequest of Elizabeth Ridgely Blagojevich.
Acc. No. 1991-404
This is a framed, rectangular needlework picture in silk and wool threads on a linen canvas. The needlework depicts Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. The female figure is standing with her left hand outstretched, and Jesus is seated with his right hand outstretched. The two frame a well and stand in a grassy landscape, flanked by leafy trees. In the background is a building on a hill. A sun shines in the sky, bordered by clouds. There are two rabbits in the foreground and two butterflies and a bird near the figures' heads. Jesus's head is framed by a golden halo.

Stitches: queen, tent
Label:This needlework picture, stitched in England between 1700 and 1740, depicts Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Most seventeenth and early eighteenth century needlework pictures depict stories from the Old Testament. This picture is unusual in its presentation of a New Testament story.
Provenance:Bequest of Elizabeth Blagojevich; no further provenance is known.