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Unfinished Sampler, "Anonymous Woman's"

1st half 17th century
Origin: Great Britain, England
OH 27 3/8" x OW 8 2/8"
Silk threads on linen ground of 50 x 43 threads per inch (fiber identification by eye)
Gift of Kathleen A. Epstein.
Acc. No. 1998-29
This is a rectangular, unfinished sampler worked in shades of blue, green, brown, and cream silk embroidery threads on a linen ground. The linen ground is hemmed on three sides; the bottom edge is a selvage end. The sampler consists of 36 reversible bands, all but four of which are worked in double running stitch. Each stitch was counted over two threads of the linen ground.

Stitches: darning, detached buttonhole, double running, marking cross and variation, Montenegrin and variation
Label:Judging by the proficiency of the stitching, it is possible that this sampler was a teacher's model. During the Stuart era, young ladies from middling and upper class families usually received training in a variety of subjects and skills, with a focus on household management skills, handicrafts, and diversions. This education could either take place at home, at a day school, or at a boarding school.
Provenance:Purchased in England by donor, K. Epstein.