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Unfinished Sampler by Unknown Maker

Origin: America
OH 16 1/2" x OW 18"
Silk thread on a linen ground of 26 x 32 threads per inch (fiber identification by Textile Lab)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1985-22
This is a square needlework sampler worked in faded shades of green, red, and black silk embroidery threads on a natural color linen ground. The sampler has a 1/4" hem on all four sides.
From the top the sampler consists of:
"A-X" upper case block worked in cross stitch.
"Y-Z" upper case block worked in cross stitch; followed by “a-y” lower case block worked in cross stitch; followed by a decorative cross stitch diamond.
Decorative band worked in Roumanina stitch.
"A-M", “Z” upper case script worked in cross stitch.
"N-Y" upper case script worked in cross stitch.
Decorative acorn band worked in cross stitch.
The rest of the sampler is unfinished.
The sampler is enclosed with three borders: the inner border is a simple one in plait stitch; an undulating strawberry border in cross stitch is the second; and the outer border, which consists of a drawnwork stitch at top and bottom (right bottom is executed in a plait stitch), a chain stitch at left side, and a cross stitch at right side. At each corner of the strawberry border is a rose worked in cross stitch.

Stitches: chain, cross, drawnwork, plait, Roumanina
Label:Because this sampler is unfinished, we can determine that the maker first worked the border before filling the center section. As a result of this technique, the maker sometimes ran out of space; one alphabet continues onto a second line while on another, the maker has placed the "Z" at the end of the first line rather than the second.
Provenance:No known provenance.