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Unfinished Sampler by Catharine H. Lawrence

Origin: America
OH: 9 1/4" x OW: 10 3/4"
Silk embroidery threads on a linen ground of 36 x 46 threads per inch (identification of fibers by eye)
Gift of an Anonymous Donor
Acc. No. 1963.608.2
This is a small almost square unfinished needlework sampler worked in silk threads on a natural-color linen ground. From the top sampler consists of:
"A-M" uppercase script
"N-W" uppercase script and diamond motif
"X-Z" uppercase script, crown motif, decorative area of sawtooth in satin stitch
"A-T" uppercase block
"U-Z" upper case block, "a-u" lowercase block
"v-z" lowercase block, "1-10" and diamond motif
"Wrought by Catharine H. Lawrence"
"Aged 10 years 1825 Born 1815"
Partial band
The bottom fourth of sampler is unfinished.
The sampler is enclosed on all four sides in a series of outer and inner borders of cross stitch and satin stitch in a sawtooth pattern.

Stitches: cross and satin
Label:In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, young girls created simple samplers like this one as a way to learn needlework techniques, as well as the alphabet and cardinal numbers. More ambitious examples included pious verses or pictorial motifs.
Provenance:This sampler was originally in a straw work box/basket with a second unfinished and unsigned sampler. In 1937, these items along with several other objects were offered to Colonial Williamsburg by an anonymous friend of Miss Mabel Massey of Williamsburg, Virginia. In 1963, the two samplers and work basket were transferred to AARFAC from the CW Department of Collections via receipt no. 2708. The former Collection's Accession Number was G1937-508, 1-3.