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Unfinished Mexican Sampler by Unknown Maker

Origin: Central America, Mexico
13 3/8" X 18 1/8"
Silk embroidery threads on a linen ground of 83 x 75 threads per inch
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-3183
This is a rectangular unfinished needlework sampler worked in bright shades of ivory, brown, green, spring green, yellow, blue, mauve, and two shades of red on a fine white linen ground fabric. The sampler is hemmed on all sides in a 3/16" hem using a decorative drawn work stitch. The upper two thirds of the sampler consist of realistically worked scattered motifs of a running stag, an unfinished poodle, and flowers. The lower third consists of four bands of flowers and vines. Where the sampler is unfinished, drawn outlines can be seen.

Ground fabric: 83 x 75 threads per inch
Stitches: satin, French knot, stem, and drawn work stitch in hem
Label:The vibrant colors, densely worked bands, and realistically-worked scattered floral motifs seen on this embroidery are typical hallmarks of Mexican samplers. Because designs and embroidery techniques were brought to New Spain in a variety of ways, Mexican samplers were influenced by many different sources. For example, the unfinished French poodle motif on this sampler was probably derived from a Staffordshire earthenware poodle figure that was manufactured in England around 1840.
Provenance:Tomlinson Collection; provenance is not known prior to donor.
Mark(s):No marks
Inscription(s):No inscriptions