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Synthetic Lampas Document

Origin: U. S. A. or Europe
Overall (H x W): 25 7/8 x 21in. (65.7 x 53.3cm) Other (Selvedge Width): 21in. (53.3cm) Other (Design Repeat (H x W)): 14 x 10 1/2in. (35.6 x 26.7cm) Physical Description (PPI): 56 Physical Description (EPI): 144
Gift of Mrs. Francis Henry Lenygon.
Acc. No. 1973-150
This rectangular fragment of green, striated tabby has detached baroque motifs over a self-figured ground design. The detached motifs in the center consist of a medallion of symmetrical, baroque flowers in red and green with light green leaves and small pink flowers, and a fruit bush in an urn. The motifs on either side consist of a feathery tulip on a single tree-like stem, and a tiny fruit tree growing from an island. There is an all-over ground figuring of vines with leaves, berries, and pomegranates. The top and bottom edges are raw. The left and right edges are selvedges. The selvedge is ¼” wide, and woven in a warp-faced plain weave with grouped wefts. The wefts on the left edge are shot through, cut close, and melted or glued stiff. The wefts on the right are looped back. There are machine stitch lines along the top and bottom edges.
Label:This fragment is an adaptation of a baroque textile. The grey threads in the design are likely meant to imitate silver thread.
Provenance:This is one of a large collection of "decorator samples" from the firm of MORANT & COMPANY, obtained by Morant & Co., 91 New Bond Street, London, before 1930. The firm, later known as LENYGON & MORANT, was transferred to New York about 1930.
Given to CWF, 1973.