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Silk Lancé Document

ca. 1730
Origin: Europe, probably France
Overall (H x W): 83 1/4 x 19 1/8in. (211.5 x 48.6cm) Other (Selvedge Width): 19 1/4in. (48.9cm) Other (Design Repeat (H x W): 18 x 9 1/2in. (45.7 x 24.1cm) Physical Description (PPI): 80 Physical Description (EPI): 112
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1969-97,5
The rectangular panel of magenta satin has a point repeat design of flowers and chevrons. It consists of a central medallion of a large white flower and spiky leaves with smaller flowers and leaves all coming from a single, thick stem with the roots still attached. The medallion is flanked by thin floral vines with flowers in clumps of three: green and yellow, purple and white, and magenta and white. These connect to large green and white palm or date trees, again on a single stem or trunk. The edges are bordered with flowers and a prominent lace-patterned chevron. The top and bottom edges are flat hemmed. The left and right edges are selvedges. The selvedge is held in a plain weave, 16 warps wide (1/4”). Remnants of linen tabs are present on the left and right edges. The fragment is seamed horizontally across the middle, and it is attached to 1969-97,8. The pieces are roughly pattern-matched.
Label:This interesting fabric displays a transition between lace patterning (seen in the zigzags) and the beginnings of the style that focused on trees growing from islands (seen in the palm trees). Instead of being arranged in bouquets, the central three floral clusters all grow from trunks or stems.
Provenance:Obtained by J. A. Lloyd;
Sold to CWF, 1969.
Mark(s):No marks or inscriptions.