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Silk Lancé Document

Origin: Europe, France
Overall (H x W): 14 1/2 x 20 1/4in. (36.8 x 51.4cm) Other (Selvedge Width): 20 1/4in. (20 1/4in.) Other (Design Repeat (width)): 10in. (25.4cm) Physical Description (PPI): 64 Physical Description (EPI): 176
Gift of Mrs. Francis H. Lenygon.
Acc. No. 1971-332
The rectangle fragment of green satin has a baroque design of flowers and S-curves executed mostly in yellow. Between the large yellow flowers are vines of smaller flowers in pink and blue. The colors are accented by areas of plain weave creating a damask effect that follows the shape of the lancé design. The top and bottom edges are raw. The left and right edges are selvedges. The selvedge is very narrow—only 4 warps wide—and held in a plain weave. The selvedge looks yellow, but all the lancé wefts are twisted with the yellow wefts. The selvedges are creased, indicating that they used to be pressed back, and there are remnants of thread in the creases showing that they once were seams. There are stitch lines from machine stitching along the top and bottom edges.
Label:This fragment is part of a large collection that came from Lenygon & Morant, a decorating firm. They collected antique textiles to use as samples for reproduction or adaption.
Provenance:This is one of a large collection of "decorator samples" from the firm of MORANT & COMPANY, obtained by Morant & Co., 91 New Bond Street, London, before 1930. The firm, later known as LENYGON & MORANT, was transferred to New York about 1930.
Given to CWF, 1971.
Mark(s):Stamped in purple on reverse, “NOT FOR SALE.”