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Linen sheet

Origin: America
82 1/4 inches (selvage widge) x 90 inches long
Linen, plain-woven, ink marking
Gift of Celia Lockerman
Acc. No. 2004-73
White linen sheet woven in plain or tabby weave. Made in one piece without center seam. Narrow rolled hems at top and bottom, measuring about 3/16 inches wide (5 mm). Selvages form the side finish. In upper left corner is hand-written script ink marking reading, "E. M. B./ No 7/ 1837." In lower left corner on back side is ink marking "7817" with first seven crossed through the vertical.

Thread count: 48-49 warps/ inch X 53 wefts/ inch.
Provenance:Purchased by donor at yard sale to use the linen.
Mark(s):"EMB / No 7 / 1837," marked in black ink.