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Brocaded Silk Skirt Panel

Origin: Great Britain, England, London, Spitalfields
OH: 43" x OW: 20 1/4"; repeat: 37 7/8"
Brocaded Silk Taffeta
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1953-1025,2
This rectangular skirt panel has a cream-colored ground with loosely strewn stems of roses, carnations and other flowers on top of a self-colored float design of scrolling vines. The rose stems have prominent thorns, and the blooms and buds are in vivid shades of pink. The carnations are in shades of purple. The other flowers are in shades of brown and blue and have feathery leaves. All are very naturalistically portrayed. The left and right edges are selvedges. The selvedges are 28 warps wide (1/4”) with two green stripes. From the outside in, there are three slightly thicker warps in the brocade colors, then a single cream-colored warp, eight green warps, eight cream warps, and eight green warps. The top and bottom edges are cut and raw. There is evidence of stitch lines along the top and bottom edges and along the selvedges.
Label:This fabric epitomizes Spitalfields design style of the middle of the eighteenth century. The style was characterized by light, neutral grounds with loose, extremely naturalistic flowers strewn asymmetrically on the fabric.
Provenance:Obtained by dealer Elinor Merrell, New York;
Sold to CWF, 1953.
Mark(s):No marks or inscriptions.