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Textile, woodblock print with pencil blue

Origin: Europe, probably France
24" H x 24 3/8" W
Gift of F. Schumacher and Company.
Acc. No. 1974-15
Square document of plain-woven cotton woodblock-printed and pencilled in multicolors on white ground. The design consists of vertically undulating thin stems with tulips and other flowers and leaves growing from the vines, printed in red, pink, brown, black, lavender, yellow, blue, and green. Many of the flowers and leaves have dashed lines inside the edges, giving a speckled appearance. The blue is pencil blue, brushed on quickly over the other colors, with scattered drops resulting from the process. The green is blue overprinting on yellow. One selvage is present on the right; the left edge is cut. The textile was once quilted.
Label:This textile shows the rapidity with which the indigo of "pencil blue" was applied to the surface of the textile after the other colors were printed. Blue colors extend beyond the outlines of the design and stray drops speckle the surface. This textile was once quilted and was probably part of a bed covering.