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Textile, Ivory Brocade

Origin: Europe
Width: 20 3/8 inches, Length: 25 inches, Repeat: 15 inches,
Silk, silver metalic threads
Gift of Mrs. Francis Henry Lenygon.
Acc. No. 1972-489
Ivory taffeta, golden bronze satin damask has flush weft effect rendered in sea green silk in diapered patterns. The metallic silver and coral silk brocaded pattern is one of the large, centeral, formalized flower palmettes enclsed in a ribbon framework, edged with floral and scalloped borders. This so-called "lace" lattern also has motifs such as the tulip-like flowers found in India Chintzes and the so-called "bizarre" silks.
Provenance:One of a large collection of decorator samples from the firm of Morant & Company, 91 New Bond Street, London. The firm, later known as Lenygon & Morant, was transfered to New York about 1930.