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Appliqued Framed Center-Medalion and Pieced Quilt

ca. 1825
Origin: America, Virginia, Winchester
OH: 108" x OW: 96" (274 x 244 cm) Backing three panels 32 1/2", 32 1/2", and 30 3/4" wide
Printed and plain cottons
Partial gift of Charles W. and Susan G. Bousliman
Acc. No. 2008.609.6
This is a symmetrical framed center-medallion quilt made of white and printed cottons using applique and piecing with plain and stuffed quilting. The center square or medallion of the quilt consists of printed chintz flowers, a wreath surround, and birds in the corners. The central square of appliques is surrounded by borders forming squares within squares alternating "Delectable Mountain" bands with white quilting. Eight-pointed red and white pieced stars appear in each of the corners of the outer border and one of the inner pieced borders. It is backed in pieced white cotton that was brought to the front on three sides and hemmed in overcast stitches. A fourth side is edge bound in a separate strip of white cotton.
The intricate quilting pattern is quilted in 8 running stitches per inch. It consists of floral, vine, leaves, grape clusters, wreath, and feather-designs that have been given added dimension with cotton stuffing.

Label:This framed center-medallion quilt is surrounded by borders of stuffed work and pieced Delectable Mountains. The outer white border of stuffed work features exquisitely executed feather and wreath motifs alternating with grape clusters. A variety of stuffed flowers and leaves, each one unique, can be found throughout the quilt.

Although not signed by Amelia Lauck, the quilt can be attributed to her. Like a signed quilt by Amelia Lauck in the collection, this one is configured in a framed center-medallion format with concentric borders of alternating stuffed-work quilting and pieced sawtooth and zigzag patterns with eight-pointed stars in the corners. It uses many of the same printed cottons. A trademark of Amelia’s quilts is the intricate quilting patterns that were given added dimension with cotton stuffing.
Provenance:The quilt was purchased by the previous owners in Winchester, Virginia.

History of quilt maker:
The quilt is attributed to Amelia Heiskell Lauck (1760-1842) of Winchester, Virginia, by virtue of a strong resemblance in technique and fabrics to other quilts signed by the quiltmaker (see 2006.609.1.) Amelia married Peter Lauck in 1779. Peter and Amelia had eleven children, six of whom survived into adulthood. Of Amelia's surviving children, only Samuel and his children remained in Winchester. Portraits of various Lauck family members by Jacob Frymire and Charles Wilson Polk exist, one of which of Amelia by Frymire is in the MESDA collection. It is unusual to have this much information on a single quilt maker and her family.