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Red Copperplate-Printed Textiles, "Horse & Fox"

Origin: Great Britain, England; used in Pennsylvania, Lancaster
1. 16 5/8 H x 20 1/2" W 2. 13 1/2 H X 15 3/4" W 3. 59 1/2 H X 7 3/4" W 4. 18 H X 7 1/2" W 5. 17 1/2 H X 25" W 6. 25 1/2 H X 6 1/4" W 7. 12 H X 13 1/4" W
Linen warp/cotton weft with linen tape binding
Gift of John M. Graham, Jr., in memory of Helen Powell Graham
Acc. No. 2016-109,1-7
Seven textile fragments printed with copperplate in red on off-white ground linen and cotton. The design consists of undulating arborescent branch with varied flowers and birds, a man on a rearing horse, a fox with a bird in its mouth, a cow and a calf, and a dog. One fragment has a floral print hand stitched on to it. The print is signed Chirat. The individual pieces are as follows:
1. Rectangular fragment backed with print when it arrived.
2. Almost square fragment with binding from original curtains along the top and a tuck to repair a tear.
3. Long narrow fragment.
4. Tall rectangular fragment with tape from original curtains stitched to left side.
5. Rectangular fragment pieced from five smaller documents.
6. Long narrow fragment with small strip of original tape on the bottom.
7. Rectangular fragment with notch cut out.
Provenance:According to family history this material was sent to Catherine Graff von Phul (she married William Von Phul in 1775) of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from Europe in 1776 at the time of the birth of her first child. It was to be used for bed curtains. The tradition is that it was made in Germany, though subsequent research indicates that the document was actually printed in England.
The fragments descended in the family of Louise Powell who gave it to her daughter, Helen Powell Graham. After her death, the framents were donated to the museum by Helen Powell Graham's husband, John M. Graham, Jr.
See also 1950-346, a textile from the same set, donated by Mrs. Ernest H. Powell (Louise).