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Cot, folding

Origin: America
OW: 41"; OH: 20"; OD: 77 1/2"
Cherry, oak, leather, and Linen thread count; 35-37 weft, 31-33 warp
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1952-658
Appearance: Folding cot; frame composed of two rectangular side rails, rounded at each end, and supported by four, "square" in section legs, arranged at each end in an X shape; legs tenoned and pegged to rails and pinned to each other at cross points by oak pegs; tabby weave tow linen extends across top of side rails and is attached to them by means of upholstery nails with leather strip washer; both nails and linen appear to be original to frame; parts of frame painted or stained red

Legs tenoned and pegged to rails; feet of legs cut at an angle in order to sit flat on floor when cot is open; one side of the bed has diagonal braces dovetailed into the sides of a leg and rail and further reinforced with a single screw in each dovetail; one leg with a brace has been colored with a red wash; the two legs at each end are joined together with oak pegs with knob end; a tapered iron pin has been inserted through the end of the peg to hold it in place; rails rounded at each end and chamfered on inner top corners; linen nailed with long leather washer in rabbet along the outside top of each rail.

Linen bottom composed of three long strips, two wide stips flanking one narrow center strip; the strips are sewed together with a double row of stitches for each joint, with non-selvege ends turned under on each piece; outside edges of the wide strips appear to be selvage edges; additional narrow strips of linen are stitched at the outside edges of the wide strips on the underside to reinforce the fabric being nailed to the rails.

Woods: cherry rails, legs and braces, oak pegs at interesection of legs.
Mark(s):none found