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Windsor side chair

Ca. 1810
Origin: America, Virginia, Richmond
OH: 32 1/8"; OW: 16"; OD: 15"
Various hardwoods, probably maple and hickory and paint.
Gift funds from The Antique Collectors' Guild & individual members: Mr. James H. Willcox, M/M Edward B. Stvan, M/M Alvin P. Anderson, Mrs. Emily H. Spencer, M/M Thomas L.Disharoon , Mrs. Elizabeth D. Bullock, M/M Thomas W. Wood, David L. Peebles, Robert B. Eggleston, Deborah G. Michael, J. Latane Ware, Dr. & Mrs . Thomas L. Munzel, Dr. & Mrs. Hunter M. Gaunt, Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Richard I. Kent, Dr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Booth, Dr. & Mrs. Hall Renfro Howard, Drs. John L. and Mary Beth Wood, John A. Hyman & Betty C. Leviner, Mr. H. Marshall Goodman, Jr., Mrs. H. Boyan, Dr.& Mrs. Charles E. Umstott, M/M Julian R. Irvin, Dr. Jean F. Wine, Dr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Watkins, Dr. & Mrs. Russell O. Briere, Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Dunston, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Spence.
Acc. No. 1996-9
Slat-back Windsor side chair with stiles, rounded at base with decorative incised lines and flattening towards top, curving toward rear with rectangular crest rail tenoned between stiles; central spindle with center portion flattened and shaped with a circle on top of a rectangular section flanked by two rounded, tapered spindles on each side; dished seat with rounded corners and shaped front edge and incised line around spindles and stiles; splayed legs, front legs turned, back legs rounded, all taper at foot; turned front stretcher; rounded side and rear stretchers.
Provenance:Descended in the Tyler family.
Mark(s):Label on underside of the chair "C.Rockwood & Grubb/Plain and Fancy/Chair Makers & c./ Opposite the Swan Tavern, Shockoe Hill/ Richmond, VA."