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Windsor Side Chair

ca. 1814
Origin: America, Virginia, Petersburg or Richmond
OH: 33"; OW: 19 1/2"; OD: 18"; SD: 15 1/4"
Tulip poplar, ash, and paint
Gift of William Goode Beville
Acc. No. 2018-177,1
Pierced slat-back Windsor side chairs with stiles, rounded at base with two turned sets of three rings and flattening towards top, curving toward rear with rectangular crest rail with pierced horizontal lozenges at ends tenoned between stiles; central spindle with center portion flattened and shaped with a circle on top of a rectangular section flanked by two rounded, tapered spindles on each side; dished seat with rounded corners and shaped front edge and incised line around spindles and stiles; splayed legs, front legs turned with ball at top of leg and ring just above inverted baluster shaped foot; back legs rounded, taper at foot; turned front stretcher with bead at center; rounded side and rear stretchers.

Chairs painted black and detailed with stenciled gold flowers with foliage in center of crest and yellow and gold details on stiles, central spindle, and legs.
Label:These Windsor chairs are quite similar in form to a labeled Richmond, Virginia Curtis Rockwood & Grubb chair in the CWF collection 1996-9. While there are some slight differences in the turnings, the crest rail, and the overall dimensions, it is quite likely that this chair could also include parts turned by Curtis Rockwood of Richmond.