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Writing-Arm Windsor Armchair

Origin: America, Connecticut (probably)
OH: 42"; OW: 34 3/8"; OD: 15 1/2"
Birch, white pine, tulip poplar, and white oak
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1963-8
Appearance: Windsor Armchair with shaped comb crest supported on five spindles which extend through chair rail and are fastened into seat. Horse shoe shaped chair rail with flat shaped arm rest at left side and terminating in broad oval writing surface at right. Shallow drawer slides out on runners beneath writing arm. Candle slide pulls out at right angles to drawer. Baluster turned spindles beneath either arm with three short spindles passing through top of chair rail and fastened to chair seat on either side of five long spindles forming backrest. Shaped pair of spindles rises from extension to underside of right arm. Broad incised line encircles spindles; deep drawer slides out on runners beneath seat. Four baluster turned legs flaring outward braced by one medial and two side baluster turned stretchers. The chair is presently covered with a yellow grained paint, probably dating from early in the nineteenth century. There appears to be a dark green or black paint in place beneath the present coat.

Woods: The legs, stretchers, and arm posts are birch, the seat is tulip poplar, the writing arm, drawers, and slide are white pine, and the crest, arm rail, and spindles are white oak.
Provenance:Found in Saybrook, Connecticut