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Side chair, splat-back

ca. 1790
Origin: America, Virginia, Richmond (possibly)
OH: 37 1/2"; OW: 20 3/4"; OD: 19 3/4"; D (seat):16 3/4"
Mahogany and tulip poplar (modern slipseat)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1991-437,1
Appearance: Side chair with molded serpentine crest rail and molded stiles; pierced splat with carved prince of Wales feathers at top center above pendant bellflowers; central element of splat flanked by two out curving fluted banisters; all vertical elements continue down to base of splat; row of nine vertical leaves across center of splat; molded shoe; trapezoidal seat with molded front and side seat rails; front legs, molded on two outer faces, square in cross section, taper towards foot; rear legs, rectangular in cross section, flare towards rear at feet; rectangular side, medial, and rear stretchers.

Construction: Standard chair construction. Quarter round vertical glue blocks with chamfered top edges in front and rear corners of seat frame. Modern tulip poplar slipseat.
Mark(s):"IIII" chiseled into inside rabbet on front seat rail of .1. "I" chiselled into the rear seat rail of .1.
"II" chiseled into inside rabbet of front seat rail of .2.