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Foot Measuring Stick

Dated 1712
Origin: Europe
OH: 1 1/4"; OW: 3 3/8"; OL: 13"
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1967-669
Foot measure to determine shoe size consisting of a piece of walnut, rectangular in section with projecting chip carved knop at top; lower two thirds slotted to mesh and slide against a similiar member with chip carved shoe sole attached to bottom end; metal pins placed at ends of both sliding members to keep the two parts from separating; numbers 1-15 carved along front side; upper section of shoe decorated with geometric design of chip carving and has square hole cut at back end so its can pass up and down over the sliding measure to indicate an individual's shoe size; "1712. W.B." carved on back of measure; metal hanging ring attached to top of knop.
Mark(s):"1712. W.B." inscribed on back side; numbers 1-15 carved on front side; numbers 1-13 scratched on left side.