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Adjustable Bevel and Rule

Origin: England
Length open: 11 1/2" Beam: 6 7/8" x 9/16 x 1/2"
Boxwood, brass and iron
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 2003-82
Folding bevel with brass blade and boxwood beam protected by sheet brass at its ends. Though 1/16" short on each inch, both components are numbered and graduated down to the 1/4" on one side and 1/8" on the other.
Label:For copying angles other than the 90 degrees regulated by the common square, an adjustable bevel was needed. Dated 1779, this example doubles as folding one foot rule, but for a non-British standard; each of the 12 inches it marks only measure 15/16”.
Mark(s):Stamped into the end opposite the hinge are the date *1779* and *WH*, likely an owner's initials.