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Beading Machine

Origin: United States
OH 15 1/2" OW: 16"
Iron, steel and wood
Gift of Stephen Eisenhart
Acc. No. 2014-77
Hand-operated machine with two adjustable long-shanked roller dies set one atop the other, on geared axels. A small fixed guard is set near the frame behind the dies. Mounted with bolts onto a tenoned wooden post for setting into a workbench top.
Label:This machine, patented by Aaron Whitney of Woodstock, VT, was a technological improvement of the earlier "colander" swage. The job this beading machine does is essentially the same, but saves lots of time over the earlier tool. By cranking through a piece of sheet metal, the rolling dies impart a broad fillet, or bead, into the piece of work. In addition to being highly attractive, this bead strengthens the tin, making the final product, be it a colander or a coffee pot, far more sturdy and durable.
Provenance:From the Eisenhart collection of tinsmithing tools.