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Square Stake

Origin: England or America
OH: 15 7/8" Head: 4 5/8 x 2 5/8"
Iron and steel
Gift of Stephen Eisenhart
Acc. No. 2014-59
Square Stake. Rectangular head with beveled sides centered on a square sectioned shank with chamfered corners. Tapered, blunt ended square sectioned tang.

Label:Of all the tools that a tinsmith would set into a workbench or tree stump, the square stake is amongst the most simple. It's wide, flat top is faced with steel and provides a perfect working surface for many different tin-working tasks. The four sides intersect the top at slightly less than a right angle, allowing small pieces of metal to be creased bent easily here with a few blows from the mallet.
Provenance:From the Eisenhart collection of tinsmithing tools.
Mark(s):One side of head marked "52."