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ca. 1800
Origin: England, London
Brass, steel, and ivory
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1959-368,2
Orrery with three different astronomical displays. It can be set up to show the rotation of the earth and its revolution around the sun, the orbit of the moon around the earth and the phases of the moon, or the orbits of the seven known planets around the sun. The three assemblies are designed to be mounted separately on a brass drum containing numerous gears that operate the various assemblies when a crank is turned. The gear drum is supported on a brass tripod stand.
Label:The original case for this orrery bears the label of Henry Gattey, an immigrant English instrument maker living in New York. However, the instrument and case clearly were produced in England. Gattey likely retailed the instrument in America. His advertisements appear in the New York newspapers in 1803.
Provenance:Joseph K. Kindig, III, York, PA
Inscription(s):"W. & S. JONES / Holburn London" engraved on gear drum.