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January 28, 1778
Origin: England, London
Plate H: 9 1/4" x W: 14 3/4"
Black and white etching with aquatint; sepia ink
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-60
The upper margins reads: "N.o. 1./ The CLOSET./ Price 1.s"

The lower margin reads: "Bute, Inv.t/ Germaine Ex.t/ Publish'd as the Act directs Jan.y 1778, by I. Williams N.o 39 Fleet Street./ Mansfield sculp.t"

Composed of many small vignettes, "The Closet" is a complex satire on the future of the American Revolution. The scene in the upper right shows George III and his ministers, Lord Bute, Lord Germaine, and Lord Mansfield, in the king's secret chamber, "the closet." In the center are images of three naval engagements that proved detrimental to the British. On the left are four pre-war incidents. From the top left: the scalping murder of Jane McCrea by Natives; abuses by the Mowhawk Indians to Americans at the Cedars, an American post on the St. Lawrence River; General Burgoyne's retreat following the battle at Saratoga; wounded Scottish soldiers fleeing the battle scene.