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Wine bottle

Origin: England, London
H: 6 3/4"
Tin-glazed earnthenware (delft)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1978-123
Globular bottle with narrow banded neck, strap-loop handle, and flared base. White tin glaze decorated in blue with the inscription “CLARET 1650" and figure-eight swirls beneath.
Label:The term claret was originally used for yellowish or light red wine, but by the time this bottle was made the term seems to have been used for red wine in general. Of the three primary names of wine listed on seventeenth-century wine bottles, "claret" is the rarest, with just under a quarter so inscribed. "White wine" in its various forms is inscribed on just over a quarter, and the most common, "sack," is inscribed on more than half. The rare inscription "Renish" appears on two bottles and "New connary" on one.
Provenance:Jellinek & Sampson Antiques
Inscription(s):"CLARET / 1650"