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Officer's Fusil

Origin: England, London
OL: 57 1/2" Barrel: 42 1/8" x .68 caliber
Walnut, iron, steel and brass
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. John R. Muckel of Indiana Plumbing Supply.
Acc. No. 1986-145
Plain officer's fusil with long barrel and engraved brass mounts including 4 rammer pipes, a flat sideplate, a wristplate, a sheet-brass noseband and a triggerguard with an acorn finial. The barrel is round with a moulded breech and an engraved tang, and the lockplate is flat with beveled edges.
Label:By the middle years of the 18th century, British officers began carrying fusils instead of the usual spontoon. Basically, these light firearms were identical to civilian fowling guns, but were configured to mount a sling and a socket bayonet. By the time of the Revolution, regimental colonels began equipping their officers with identical fusils, and this plain London-made example is one of such a set.
Inscription(s):Lockplate engraved JOVER. Breech struck with London Proof & View marks, plus an unreadable maker's mark.