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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Origin: America, Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania,Lancaster Co
Side 1: Rhand side 90" excluding fringe and 92" including fringe. Bottom: 84" excluding fringe and 88 3/4" including fringe.
Red, dark blue, olive green wools and natural cotton, with a light blue cotton supplementary tie-down thread (no fibers microscopically analyzed as of 10/31/91). Note: There are two shades of green wool used but the darker appears only in a very narrow strip.
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1991.609.8
This is tied Beiderwand woven coverlet of red, dark blue, and olive green wools with natural cotton and a light blue supplementary tie-down thread. It is seamless. The coverlet is self-fringed on sides with applied fringe at bottom. The centerfield consists of repeats of four pineapples and four roses, with leaves. The side borders are flower urns, with scrolling leaves. (These designs are not always completed; they are sometimes abruptly terminated and butted with another design). There is no top border. The bottom border consists of spread eagles and flowers in urns or vases. The weaver signed his name, the date, and place of manufacture in the two bottom corner blocks: "J. R. GEBHART/ MAYTOWN/ 1847."
Provenance:Ownership prior to AARFAM's donor is unknown.