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Dividers (compasses) with case

Origin: England, London
OL: folded: 3 1/2"; unfolded with point and pen: 5 1/8"; OL small compasses: 2 3/4"; Case: OL: 3 1/2"
Brass and steel
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1995-96,A
A set of folding dividers (compasses) of the pillar type, consisting of a hinged bow, with hollow, octagonal legs. Fitting within the legs are two units, each with two legs hinged at the top and surmounted by a baluster-turned handle; the legs of one are a pencil holder (with early pencil in place) and divider point; the other has an inking leg (adjusted by a scroll-shaped wing nut) and a divider point. These units can either be inserted into the large bow, creating thereby a large pair of dividers, a pair of compasses with a pencil point, or a pair of compasses with an inking point. The units can be used alone as small pencil/inking compasses. The entire piece, when assembled and folded, fits within a pasteboard case covered with red leather (morocco?).
Provenance:The Mechanick's Workbench, Marion, MA