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Covered Sugar Bowl

ca. 1768
Origin: England, Worcester
OH: 4 3/4"; D: 4 1/2"
Porcelain, soft-paste
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Clarke
Acc. No. 1977-315,A&B
Covered sugar bowl with slightly blue glaze over warm white body. Bowl of nearly hemispherical form with straight sides rising from pronounced vertical foot ring. The foot un-decorated and somewhat deformed during firing. Cover gently domed with projecting flange and flower-form finial. The finial with restorations. The contact points glazed (unusually). Pronounced blue scale ground with elaborately shaped reserves. The three largest somewhat in the so-called "rococo mirror" form, with three vasiform reserves between. The vasiform reserves surmounted by two leaf-shaped reserves. The cover decorated comparably to the bowl. The vasiform reserves with mauve and rust floral sprays. The leaf-shaped reserves with red sprigs. The large reserves, each with a differing narrative scene. The first, with a boy holding an oversize spear and appearing to hide in a jar, with palm trees and foliage sprays in the background. The second, with a man in magenta and rust robes gesturing to the left and standing before a large rust and purple plant and flowering tree. The third, with a man in magenta robes with a yellow train of sorts crouching before a piece of red latticework in a landscape of green and rust colored foliage. Possibly from the Bodenham service.
F. Severne Mackenna Collection, 1950 (though shown illustrated with a bowl)
Sotheby's, March 12, 1957, Lot 6 (Dougal)

Sotheby's, No. 21, 1967, Lot 165 (Amor)

Both sold by Amor to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clarke Feb 1968 (Acc. No. 185)