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Woman's waistcoat, quilted silk satin

ca. 1700
Origin: England
OL: 24" from shoulder to hem. Waist 22 1/2" Quilting pattern grid approximately 3/8" to 1/2" wide, forming small diamonds. Length of tie ribbons varies 7" up to 9 1/2".
Silk satin, quilted with silk running stitches through thin wool batting and linen backing.
Gift of Mrs. Cora Ginsburg
Acc. No. 1991-510
Woman's sleeveless waistcoat or bodice made of cream-color silk satin quilted in small diamond pattern to natural linen back using 8-9 quilting stitches per inch. Wide low neckline, with back straps brought around to front and tied with bows to front bodice just above underarms. Garment opens down the front and is tied with four one-1/16" silk ribbons. Garment has rounded fronts below the waist and rounded hip vents. Back center seam and rounded center back vents meet at waist. Interior linen strips sewn vertically over seams at center back and under arms for boning.
Provenance:Ex Coll. Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Cohen
Mark(s):Ink marks on center back inside "11927" at back neckline. Old number sewn on linen tape stitched to interior, reading "L1351.5