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ca. 1710
Origin: China, Jingdezhen
D: 5" H: 1"
Porcelain, hard-paste
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Acc. No. T125-2013,14
Saucer excavated from the site of Henry Wetherburn’s Tavern, 09NA–01597
Label:This saucer was recovered from the site now known as Wetherburn’s Tavern. Henry Wetherburn did not purchase this property until 1738, suggesting that this piece was likely owned by an earlier resident. Richard Bland is the first recorded occupant of the house, located on Duke of Gloucester Street. He was a member of the House of Burgesses and a friend of William Byrd of Westover. Given his prominence in the politics of early 18th-century Virginia, it would not be surprising if he had owned this saucer, even though it was decorated in a style most commonly associated with wares made for the Middle Eastern market and popular in 17th-century Europe.