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TC2001-0100 A MAP of/ the most INHABITED part of/ NEW ENGLAND,/ containing the PROVINCES of/ MASSACHUSETS BAY and NEW HAMPSHIRE,/ with the COLONIES of/ KONEKTIKUT and RHODE ISLAND.Bradock Mead (John Green, pseudonym) (d. 1757)November 29, 17551969-123
A MAP of the British and French Dominions in North America, WITH THE Roads, Distances, Limits, and Extent of the SETTLEMENTS...John Mitchell (1711-1768)1755/17742017-215
Map 2017-222 North America from the French of Mr. D' Anville Improved with the Back Settlements of Virginia and Course of Ohio Illustrated with Geographical and Historical RemarksThomas Jefferys (ca. 1710-1771)17552017-222,A
TC2000-1031 ESSAY DU COURS DE L'OYO avec les Forts François et Anglois, tiré de la Carte Angloise de Washington 1755.Joshua Fry (ca. 1700-1754) & Peter Jefferson (1708-1757)17561988-420
Map 1973-322 A MAP of/ SOUTH CAROLINA/ And a PART of/ GEORGIA./ containing the Whole/ Sea-Coast; all the Islands, Inlets, Rivers, Creeks, Parishes,/ Townships, Boroughs, Roads, and Bridges:/ AS ALSO,/ Several Plantations, with their proper Boundary-Lines...
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
William Gerard De Brahm (1718-ca. 1799)October 20, 17571973-322
A/ MAP/ OF THE/ COUNTY of DEVON,/ WITH THE/ CITY and COUNTY/ OF/ EXETER,/ Delineated from an ACTUAL SURVEY, on Twelve Sheets of/ Imperial Paper, the Scale an Inch to a Mile.Benjamin Donn (1729-1798)17651992-50
CHART of the ATLANTIC OCEAN, with the BRITISH, FRENCH, & SPANISH/ Settlements in NORTH AMERICA, and the WEST INDIES;/ as also on the Coast of AFRICA.Thomas Jefferys (ca. 1710-1771)17681984-209
TC2000-979 A Draught of the/ CHEROKEE COUNTRY,/ On the West Side of the Twenty four Mountains,/ commonly called Over the Hills
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Henry Timberlake (1730-1765)1768 (originally published in 1765)1990-211
Map 1955-486 A New and Accurate/ MAP OF/ VIRGINIA/ Wherein most of the/ COUNTIES/ are laid down from/ ACTUAL SURVEYS./ With/ A Concise Account of the/ Number of/ Inhabitants, the Trade, Soil, and Produce/ of that/ PROVINCE.John Henry (d. 1773)February 17701955-486,A
THE THEATRE OF/ WAR/ IN/ NORTH AMERICA,/ with the ROADS, and TABLES,/ of the SUPERFICIAL CONTENTS,/ DISTANCES, &ca./ BY AN AMERICAN.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)November 20, 17761956-225