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A PLAN/ OF THE/ ATTACK,/ OF/ FORT SULIVAN,/ the Key of CHARLESTOWN,/ in SOUTH CAROLINA,/ on the of June 1776.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)September 7, 17761985-171
AN/ EXACT PLAN/ of/ CHARLES-TOWN-BAR and HARBOUR.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)July 17, 17761994-132
Print 1950-105 JACK OAKHAM throwing out A SIGNAL for an ENGAGEMENT.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)May 24, 17811950-105
NORTH AMERICA/ from the French/ of M.R D'ANVILLEJean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (1697-1782)June 10, 17751982-86

SHOP-LIFTER DETECTED.John Collet (1725?-1780)April 25, 17781974-134
TC2000-1009 SKETCH/ of the/ NORTHERN FRONTIERS/ of/ GEORGIA,/ extending/ from the MOUTH of the RIVER SAVANNAH/ to the TOWN of AUGUSTALieutenant Sir Archibald Campbell (1739-1791)May 1, 17801985-285
Map 1988-23 The PROVINCES of/ NEW YORK,/ and NEW JERSEY;/ with part of/ PENSILVANIA,/ and the Province of QUEBEC.Major Samuel Holland (1728-1801)August 17, 17761988-23
TC2001-0303 THE THEATRE OF WAR in NORTH AMERICA, with the ROADS and A TABLE OF THE DISTANCES.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)March 20, 17761955-126
THE THEATRE OF/ WAR/ IN/ NORTH AMERICA,/ with the ROADS, and TABLES,/ of the SUPERFICIAL CONTENTS,/ DISTANCES, &ca./ BY AN AMERICAN.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)November 20, 17761956-225
THE/ AMERICAN/ Military Pocket Atlas;/ BEING/ An approved Collection of Correct MAPS,/ BOTH GENERAL AND PARTICULAR,/ OF/ THE BRITISH COLONIES;/ Especially those which now are, or probably may be/ THE THEATRE OF WAR:Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)17761972-422