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Figure of Cock, One of Pair
Revolution in Taste
William Duesburyca. 17501963-125,2
Harvest jug
Revolution in Taste
c. 18571963-706
Teapot 1964-46 Teapot
Revolution in Taste
"The Castle Painter," John Hayfieldca. 17551964-46,A&B
D2011-CMD. Bowl Punch Bowlca. 17201968-52
D2013-CMD. Dish Saucer dish
China of the Most Fashionable Sort: Chinese Export Porcelain in Colonial America
ca. 17301968-54
Punch pot 1971-439 Punch potca. 17601971-439,A&B
Plateca. 17401972-404,2
Tankard 1974-32 Tankard1974-32
Jar 1973.900.3 JarDavid Mandevilleca. 18301973.900.3
Flower Pyramid or Pagoda
Revolution in Taste
Ca. 17001936-484,2A-G