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Calendar Medal 2016-140 1798 Calendar Medal17982016-140
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Washington Funeral medalJacob Perkins17992003-22,89
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Washington Funeral medal
Dollars, Farthings & Fables: Money & Medals from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection
Jacob Perkins17992003-22,90
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Washington, Funeral Medal17992003-22,91
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Washington Funeral medal17992003-22,92
Washington Funeral medalJacob Perkins18002003-22,93
TC04-149 Jefferson Indian Peace medal
Silver from Mine to Masterpiece
Slave Badge
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Revolution in Taste
John Joseph Lafar18231990-226
Communion tokenUnited Associate Congregation of Jedburgh18251974-181
Record shot. 5th Regiment Merit Medal1836-18552012-160