Costume Accessories

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Title of WorkArtist/MakerSorted AscendingDate of WorkAcc. No.
Record shot by LB. Gloves. Women's Gloves, printed leather
Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe
c. 18001991-494,1-2
Man's cap, embroidered with silks & metallic threadsCa. 17001991-497
D2013-CMD. Mitts Mitts, infant's, polychrome silk needleworkc. 17501991-500,1
Bib 1991-515,2 Bib piece to christening setSeventeenth century1991-515,2
Mitts 1991-515,5A&B Mitts, infant's, part of christening setSeventeenth century1991-515,5 A&B
Shown:1991-516,1; 1991-516,2; 1991-555,1 and 1991-555,2
Infant's mitt, bobbin laceCa. 1650-17001991-516,1
Apron, whitework, ruffledca. 17801991-522
Apron, whitework with ruffleca. 17801991-523
1991-524, Apron Apron
Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe
Jane Riggs1710 (dated)1991-524
1991-555,1&2, Mitts Mitt
Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe
Ca. 17001991-555,1