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Title of WorkSorted DescendingArtist/MakerDate of WorkAcc. No.
Artificial Flower 1952-515 Artificial flower sprig (spray)17th or 18th century1952-515
Artificial Flower 1952-516 Artificial flower17th or 18th century1952-516
Spider Charm 1952-517 Spider charm
Face Your Fears
18th century1952-517,A
Spider Charm and Box 1952-517,A&B Box for spider charm1952-517,B
Artificial Flower 1952-518 Artificial flower spray17th or 18th century1952-518
Artificial Flower 1952-519 Artificial flower spray17th or 18th century1952-519
Artificial Flower 1952-522 Artificial flower & evergreen sprig17th or 18th century1952-522
Record Woman's calash bonnet, checked silk1810-18401952-582
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Officer's sword belt buckle1780-18202002-52