Costume Accessories

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Title of WorkArtist/MakerSorted DescendingDate of WorkAcc. No.
Lady's Bag 1971-3524 Work BagCaroline Evans1800 - 18251971-3524
No image number on slide
Fan Casec.17701980-238,2
Shoe, Green Leather SandalT. A. ChadwickCA 18161990-190,2
Child's mitten, silk, one of pairCa. 18501983-349,1
2009 Record Photography Mule
Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe
Ca. 16601947-213
Irish-Stitched Pocketbook, "Seth Drew"1771 (dated)1950-268
Record Child's cap, knitting and beadwork1830-601952-57
2009 Record shot by L. Baumgarten. Cap with windowpane check. Woman's cap of windowpane checkS. W. Miller1860-19092009-43,11
Hat 2018-227 Hatca. 1760s2018-227