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Title of WorkArtist/MakerDate of WorkSorted AscendingAcc. No.
DS1991-510, Stove Warming machine
Revolution in Taste
Abraham Buzaglo17701933-503 (L)
Musket 1935-203 Model 1766 Musket with "US" Markings
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Royal Manufactory at Saint-Étienneca. 1763-17681935-203
"Dutch" Musket
Lock, Stock and Barrel
ca. 1730-17401935-210
Musket 1935-211 French Model 1754 Naval Musket
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Royal Manufactory at Saint-Étienne1754-17601935-211
Pistol 1935-227 Pattern 1777 Sea Service Pistol
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Board of Ordnanceca. 1777-17811935-227
Pistol 1937-265,1 Officer's Holster Pistol (one of pair)Daniel Mooreca.1765-17751937-265,1
Musket 1937-27 British Commercial Sea Service Musket
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Henry Blyth1760-17701937-27
Sword 1937-8 Cavalry Saberca.1690-17101937-8
C89-300, Musket, Long Land Pattern 1742 Land Servce musketBoard of Ordnanceca.1742-17501949-140,A-C
Bayonet 1949-16,B Pattern 1768 BayonetThomas Hadleyca. 1780-17811949-16,B