Mechanical Arts & Arms

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Title of WorkArtist/MakerSorted AscendingDate of WorkAcc. No.
Sword 2014-210 British "dog's head" hangerca. 16902014-210
D2012-CMD. Hanger
Lion-Head Hanger1690-17202005-258
British Antler and Brass Hilted Hanger1690-17102006-20
Musket 1961-131 Musket - Fowler
"To Arm against an Enemy": Weapons of the Revolution
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Bayonet 1982-21 British flat-bladed bayonet
Lock, Stock and Barrel
ca. 1700-17201982-21
1937-7, Sword Cavalry Broadswordca. 1700-17201937-7
D2013-CMD. Musket William III "Pattern 1690" Infantry Musket1695-17022012-170
D2011-CL. Burst gun barrel1700-17502009-294
Musket 1961-36 "Doglock" Musket
Lock, Stock and Barrel
William Brazierca.1710-17401961-36
Musket 1982-11 Commercial musket with a flat lock
Lock, Stock and Barrel