Mechanical Arts & Arms

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American "Brown Bess" style bayonetca. 1776-17802003-115
D2012-CMD. Bayonet
American "Brown Bess" type bayonetca. 1775-17801982-20
Record photography by Carlo Lafiandra American fusil or fowler bayonetca.1775-17802007-98
American Long Rifle
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
John Shetzca. 18001980-210
Artillery & Highlanders Carbine Bayonetca.1755-17602003-132
Basket Hilted Cavalry Backswordc. 1740-17502005-315
Basket-hilted Backsword 2015-344 Basket-hilted Backsword
"To Arm against an Enemy": Weapons of the Revolution
Nathaniel Jeffriesca.1760-17722015-344
Pistol 2016-175 Boxlock Pistol with Bayonetca.1810-18202016-175
Rifle 2000-76 Breech-loading Rifle
Lock, Stock and Barrel
Benjamin Griffinca.1755-17652000-76
2007-28, Rifle, right side British "American-style" Rifle for Indians
"To Arm against an Enemy": Weapons of the Revolution
William Wilson & Co1778-17832007-28