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Not for publication PARTIE MERIDIONALE/ de la/ VIRGINIE,/ et la/ PARTIE ORIENTALE/ de la/ FLORIDE,/ dans/ L'AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALEPieter van der Aa17292017-36
Not for publication VIRGINIE,/ Grande Region de l'/ AMERIQUE/ SEPTENTRIONALEPieter van der Aa17292017-54
Map 2017-130 Map of the Maritime Parts of Virginia Exhibiting the Seat of War, and of Dunmore's depredations in that ColonyRobert Aitken17762017-130
TC2011-15,16,17,18,19,20 A MAP/ Exhibiting all the New Discoveries/ in the Interior Parts of/ NORTH AMERICA,/ Inscribed by Permission/ To the honourable Governor AND Company OF Adventurers OF England/ TRADING INTO HUDSONS BAY...
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
Aaron Arrowsmith (1750-1823)18022011-102
To His Excellency Gen.l Washington,/ Commander in Chief of the Armies of the/ United States of America./ This Plan of the investmen/ of York and Gloucester has been sur-/ veyed and laid down, and is/ Most humbly dedicated by his Excellency's Obedient and very humble ServantSebastian Bauman (1739-1803)17822017-238
Not for publication VirginiaJohann Christoph Beer16782017-34
AN/ ALMANACK,/ For the Year of our Lord CHRIST, 1783/ A PLAN of the Investment of York-Town and Glocester.Andrew Beers17822017-239
Not for publication Carte de la Virginie, de la Baye Chesapeack, et Pays Voisins Pour servir à l'Histoire Générale des Voyages. Tirée des meilleures Cartes AngloisesJacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)17572017-124
Map 1986-83 Occidentalis Americæ partis,/ vel, earum Regionum quas Chri-/ stophorus Colombus primu detexit/ Tabula Chorographicaè multorum/ Auctorum scriptis, præsertim verò ex/ Hieronymi Benzoni (qui totis XIIII/ annis eas Provincias diligenter/ perlustravit)...Girolamo Benzoni15941986-83
TC2000-0741 NOVA/ BELGICA/ ET/ ANGLIA/ NOVAWillem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638)16351968-128