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TC2001-0303 THE THEATRE OF WAR in NORTH AMERICA, with the ROADS and A TABLE OF THE DISTANCES.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)March 20, 17761955-126
A MAP of the/ British and French Dominions in/ North America,/ WITH THE/ Roads, Distances, Limits, and Extent of the/SETTLEMENTS,/ Humbly Inscribed to the Right Honourable/ The Earl of Halifax,
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
John Mitchell (1711-1768)February 13, 17551955-407
A MAP/ of the BRITISH EMPIRE in/ AMERICA/ with the FRENCH and SPANISH/ SETTLEMENTS adjacent thereto.Henry Popple (d. 1743)17331955-408
TC2000-1026 A PLAN of the POSTS/ of/ YORK AND GLOUCESTER/ in the/ PROVINCE OF VIRGINIA,/ Established by/ HIS MAJESTY'S ARMY/ under the Command of Lieut.t General EARL CORNWALLIS,/ together with/ The Attacks and Operations of the AMERICAN & FRENCH FORCES...Captain Edward FageJune 4, 17821955-485
Map 1955-486 A New and Accurate/ MAP OF/ VIRGINIA/ Wherein most of the/ COUNTIES/ are laid down from/ ACTUAL SURVEYS./ With/ A Concise Account of the/ Number of/ Inhabitants, the Trade, Soil, and Produce/ of that/ PROVINCE.John Henry (d. 1773)February 17701955-486,A
THE THEATRE OF/ WAR/ IN/ NORTH AMERICA,/ with the ROADS, and TABLES,/ of the SUPERFICIAL CONTENTS,/ DISTANCES, &ca./ BY AN AMERICAN.Robert Sayer & John Bennett (1770-1784)November 20, 17761956-225
A MAP of/ NEW FRANCE/ Containing CANADA, LOUI=/SIANA &c. in AMERICA.Herman Moll (1654?-1732)1712-17301957-86
A PLAN/ OF THE ENTRANCE OF CHESAPEAK BAY,/ with JAMES and YORK RIVERS;William Faden (1750-1836)November 26, 17811958-407
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A/ Draught of/ Bristol-Channel/ exactly Delineated/ from y.e best/ Observations/ by/ G: Wood/ 1737G. Wood17371958-412
TC2001-0333 CARTE/ DU THÉATRE/ DE LA GUERRE/ ACTUEL/ Entre les Anglais/ et les Treize Colonies/ Unies de l'Amerique/ Septentrionale/ DRESSÉE PAR J. B. ELIOT/ Ingénieurs des Etats Unis/ 1778.Jean-Baptiste Eliot17781958-633