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Pascaerte vande VIRGINIES Van Baÿa de la Madelena tot de Zuÿdt RevierArent Roggeveen16752017-203
Map 1996-824 To the Hon.e Jn.o Hancock President of y.e Continental Congress,/ This Map of the Seat of Civil War in America, is Respectfully inscribed/ By his Most Obedient Humble Servant B: Romans.Bernard Romans17751996-824
Coggin's Point FarmEdmund Ruffin (1794-1865)1813-18232005-15,A&B
TIERRA NVEVAGirolamo Ruscelli15992017-193
TC2001-0095 A Topographical MAP of the North.n Part/ OF/ NEW YORK ISLAND,/ Exhibiting the PLAN of FORT WASHINGTON,/ now/ FORT KNYPHAUSEN,/ with the Rebels Lines to the Southward,/ which were Forced by/ the Troops under the Command of/ THE/ R.t Hon.ble EARL PERCY...Claude Joseph Sauthier (1736-1802)March 1, 17771985-167
A PLAN OF THE/ OPERATIONS of the KING'S ARMY/ under the Command of/ GENERAL S.R WILLIAM HOWE, K. B./ IN/ NEW YORK/ AND/ EAST NEW JERSEY,/ against the AMERICAN FORCES Commanded/ By GENERAL WASHINGTON,Claude Joseph Sauthier (1736-1802)February 25, 17771971-1278
Record Map of Kentucky
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Joseph T. Scott17952013-69
Record Map of the South West Territories
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Joseph T. Scott17952013-68
Not for publication VirginiaJoseph T. Scott17952017-151
Map 1985-73 To the Honourable/ Thomas Penn and Richard Penn True & absolute Proprietaries & Governours of the Province of/ Pennsylvania & Counties of New-Castle Kent & Sussex on Delaware/ THIS MAP/ Of the improved Part of the Province of/ PENNSYLVANIA.Nicholas Scull (1687-1762)January 1, 17591985-73,A-C