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TC2001-0070 A Sketch of the Operations/ BEFORE/ CHARLESTOWN the Capital of SOUTH CAROLINAJoseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres (1721-1824)June 17, 17801961-217
TC2000-683. Map 1961-277 A SURVEY of the NORTHERN NECK/ of VIRGINIA, being/ The LANDS belonging to the R.t Honourable/ THOMAS LORD FAIRFAX BARON CAMERON, bounded/ by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between/ the Rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack:John Warner (fl. 1727-1741)17451961-277
TC2000-0756 A PLAN OF THE/ TOWN and HARBOUR of/ BOSTON./ and the Country adjacent with the Road/ from Boston to Concord/ Shewing the Place of the late Engagement/ between the King's Troops & the Provincials,Jonathan Carver (1732-1780)July 29, 17751963-730
A NEW MAPP/ OF THE WORLDRobert Greene16761964-48,A
TC2000-0699 A New MAP of the North Parts of/ AMERICA claimed by FRANCE/ under y.e Names of LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPI, CANADA and/ NEW FRANCE with y.e Adjoyning Territories of ENGLAND and SPAIN.
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
Herman Moll (1654?-1732)17201967-17
A MAP of/ the most INHABITED part of/ VIRGINIA/ containing the whole PROVINCE of/ MARYLAND/ with Part of/ PENSILVANIA, NEW JERSEY AND NORTH CAROLINA
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South
Joshua Fry (ca. 1700-1754) & Peter Jefferson (1708-1757)1768; first published ca. 17531968-11
TC2000-0741 NOVA/ BELGICA/ ET/ ANGLIA/ NOVAWillem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638)16351968-128
Maap 1968-129 NOVI BELGII/ NOVÆQUE ANGLIÆ NEC NON/ PARTIS/ VIRGINIÆ TABULA/ multis in locis emendata/ per Nicolaum Visscher.Nicolas Visscher (1618-1679)ca. 1684; originally published ca. 16551968-129
TC2001-0064 A New and Exact MAP of the DOMINIONS/ of the KING of GREAT BRITAIN/ on y.e Continent of NORTH AMERICA.Herman Moll (1654?-1732)After 1735; originally published 17151968-130
A MAP OF LOUISIANA AND OF THE RIVER MISSISSIPIJohn Senex (1678-1740)17211968-134