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TIERRA NVEVAGirolamo Ruscelli15992017-193
To Her most Sacred MAJESTY/ CAROLINA/ QUEEN of GREAT BRITAIN,/ FRANCE & IRELAND./ This MAP of/ EUROPE/ According to the Newest and most Exact Observations...Herman Moll (1654?-1732)ca. 1732-17481979-286
To His Excellency Gen.l Washington,/ Commander in Chief of the Armies of the/ United States of America./ This Plan of the investmen/ of York and Gloucester has been sur-/ veyed and laid down, and is/ Most humbly dedicated by his Excellency's Obedient and very humble ServantSebastian Bauman (1739-1803)17822017-238
To his Sacred & most Exellent/ Majesty GEORGE by the Grace/ of GOD KING of GREAT BRIT=/ AIN FRANCE and IRELAND &c./ This Map of NORTH AMERICA/ (Corrected from the latest Discoveries/ and Observations) is most humbly/ Dedicated...George Willdey (fl. 1710-d. 1737)ca. 17171971-446
To Martin Folkes Esq.r President of the Royal Society: This PLAN OF THE CITIES OF LONDON AND WESTMINSTER AND BOROUGH OF SOUTHWARK, WITH THE CONTIGUOUS BUILDINGS; is humbly Inscribed by his most humble Servants John Pine and John Tinney.John Pine (1690-1756)17491989-198
To the American/ Philosophical Society,/ This. Map of the PENINSULA/ Between DELAWARE &c/ CHESOPEAK BAYS/ with the said Bays/ and Shores adjacent/ drawn from the most/ Accurate Surveys is/ inscribed by/ John ChurchmanJohn Churchmanca. 17791995-145
Map 1996-824 To the Hon.e Jn.o Hancock President of y.e Continental Congress,/ This Map of the Seat of Civil War in America, is Respectfully inscribed/ By his Most Obedient Humble Servant B: Romans.Bernard Romans17751996-824
Map 1985-73 To the Honourable/ Thomas Penn and Richard Penn True & absolute Proprietaries & Governours of the Province of/ Pennsylvania & Counties of New-Castle Kent & Sussex on Delaware/ THIS MAP/ Of the improved Part of the Province of/ PENNSYLVANIA.Nicholas Scull (1687-1762)January 1, 17591985-73,A-C
To the Right Honourable/ WILLIAM/ Lord Cowper, Lord High CHANCELLOR of/ GREAT BRITAIN./ This MAP of/ ASIA/ According to y.e Newest/ and most Exact Observations is/ most Humbly Dedica/ ted by your Lordship's most Humble/ Servant/ Herman Moll Geographer.Herman Moll (1654?-1732)1715-17181979-285
Map 1997-40 To the Right Honourable/THE/ Earl of Shelburne/ His MAJESTY'S Principal/ SECRETARY of STATE/ for the Southern Department/ This PLAN of the COLONY of CONNECTICUT in/ NORTH-AMERICA...Moses ParkNovember 24, 17661997-40