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Not for publication A Plan of the Investment of York and Gloucester, VirginiaBenjamin Tanner (1775-1848)17962017-147
CARTE/ DES CAROLINES Meridionale et Septentrionale,/ LA GEORGIE, LA FLORIDE,/ Orientale et Occidentale...Jean Baptiste Poirson (1760-1831)17991982-90,A
Not for publication Survey of Thomas Winn's Land in Hanover County, VirginiaP. Sheetz1800/18162017-161
A/ Map/ of/ General Washington's Farm,/ of/ MOUNT VERNON/ from/ A Drawing transmitted by the General.George Washington18011992-214
TC2011-15,16,17,18,19,20 A MAP/ Exhibiting all the New Discoveries/ in the Interior Parts of/ NORTH AMERICA,/ Inscribed by Permission/ To the honourable Governor AND Company OF Adventurers OF England/ TRADING INTO HUDSONS BAY...
More than Meets the Eye: Maps and Prints of Early America
Aaron Arrowsmith (1750-1823)18022011-102
Not for publication A Map of the country betwixt Chowan and Nansemond Rivers, shewing the track of a Canal proposed to be cut from Bennett's Creek to Suffolk1805/18342017-164
Map 2017-284 A Map of Virginia formed from actual surveys, and the latest as well as the most accurate observationsBishop James Madison (1749-1812)18072017-284,A&B
Not for publication A New Map of Part of the United States of North America, Exhibiting The Western Territory; Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia &c. Also, the Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario & Erie; With Upper and Lower Canada &c. From the Latest Authorities. By John Cary; Engraver 1805John Cary Sr.18082017-120
Map Fragment on RollersBishop James Madison (1749-1812)ca. 18181993-444
Coggin's Point FarmEdmund Ruffin (1794-1865)1813-18232005-15,A&B