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Maap 1968-129 NOVI BELGII/ NOVÆQUE ANGLIÆ NEC NON/ PARTIS/ VIRGINIÆ TABULA/ multis in locis emendata/ per Nicolaum Visscher.Nicolas Visscher (1618-1679)ca. 1684; originally published ca. 16551968-129
Not for publication Belgii Novi, Angliae Novae, Et Partis Virginiae Novissima DelineatioNicolas Visscher (1618-1679)16572017-63
CARTE des ENTRP: ANGLO.ISES: par MER sur les Cotes de France aussi dans les Colonies Francoises/ en AFRIQUE et en AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALE tirees des mellieures Relations et Aus/ speciels et Suivant les meilleures Cartes Geographiques et Topographiques,Christian Frederic von der Heyden17591986-40,1
CARTE des EXPEDITIONS par MER des ANGLOIS contre les francois dans leurs Colonies des Indes/ orientales et occidentales Suivant les Relations les plus autentiques des anglois et francois et selon les meilleures/ Cartes, enriche d'observations AstronomiqueChristian Frederic von der Heyden17601986-40,2
TC2001-0086 THE/ UNITED STATES/ of/ AMERICA/ laid down/ From the best Authorities,/ Agreeable to the Peace of/ 1783.John Wallis (d. 1818)April 3, 17831975-128
TC2000-683. Map 1961-277 A SURVEY of the NORTHERN NECK/ of VIRGINIA, being/ The LANDS belonging to the R.t Honourable/ THOMAS LORD FAIRFAX BARON CAMERON, bounded/ by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between/ the Rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack:John Warner (fl. 1727-1741)17451961-277
A/ Map/ of/ General Washington's Farm,/ of/ MOUNT VERNON/ from/ A Drawing transmitted by the General.George Washington18011992-214
Pursuant to a warrant ....I have Survey'd for Captn Geo: Johnston a certain tract of waste and ungranted Land scituate in Frederick County and on Long MarshGeorge Washington17512017-221
A NEW MAP of the TERRAQUEOUS GLOBE according/ to the Ancient Discoveries and most general Divisions of it into CONTINENTS and OCEANS.Edward Wells (1667-1727)1700-17011973-320
Thomas Lord Fairfax Land Grant with Map on ReverseWilliam Westca. 17401989-448